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Ovidentia 6.7.4

Since December 9, Ovidentia 6.7.4 is available for download

We recommended all users to upgrade to this new version, only including corrective patches since version 6.7.3

For more details about this version have a look at the changelog

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Since the 1st of January, 2008, the PHP Group doesn't support anymore the version 4 of PHP. The last branch of PHP4 compatible Ovidentia is the 6.7.x branch, including 6.7.4 version and following 6.7.x versions.

These 6.7.x versions will only be bug-correcting versions. There won't be any functionnalities added to these versions.

Therefore, we stongly advice you to upgrade your hosting services to PHP 5.1+ and MySQL 4.1+, so you can benefit from the next additions made to Ovidentia in its future 7.x.x branch.