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Ovidentia Skins

This space gathers skins (graphic themes) classified according to their structures: you will find skins displayed in full pages (100%) or to stationary widths (compatible with the resolutions of screens 1024x768 or 800x600).
The skins are compatible with the navigators knew and are simplified voluntarily in order to provide a bigger liberty to the webmasters wanting to personalize their Ovidentia skins.

100% 760px
760px_center 980px
Procedure of installation of the skins :
  • Download the zip archive of a skin
  • Expand the archive in order to get a containing folder the subdirectories: images, ovml, templates...
  • Place the folder in the folder "skins" to the root of the Ovidentia site on your Web server
  • Since the interface of Ovidentia (tie "Sites" in section "Administration"), parameterize the skin for the anonymous users in the options of the site
  • Parameterize the site in your personal options (tie Options in section "User") so necessary
Remark: after installation of a skin, it is preferable to reset the caches some navigators (Ctrl-F5 on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox)