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Posted: Mon 11 February 2002 12:26
Post subject: new language problem


I try to create new language:
1- I make a copy of lang-en.xml to lang-tr.xml
2- I do necessary translations within this new file
3- I mahe a copy of scripts/en directory to scripts/tr and make translation in this.

New language appair in languages selection list but nothing is changes when a user choose this (tr) language. the site still be english.

What is wrong? what I should do more for adding a new language?


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ovidentia support
Posted: Mon 11 February 2002 15:35
Post subject: RE:new language problem

There is a variable $babLanguage in config.php wich contains a language used by all users. But registered users can still choose a prefered language in Options. This setting is saved and for this reason it's valid only for registered users.

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Posted: Mon 11 February 2002 17:37
Post subject: RE:new language problem

No! this is'nt the problem;

when I chose new language (tr) from registered users "Options" nor I put this in to config.php nothing is changer. always site is english.

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Ludo Rousseau
Posted: Wed 13 February 2002 09:38
Post subject: RE:new language problem

Take a look at .
This is a test site, the content is meaningless.
Register on this site.
After being registered, login to the site.
After login, in the User section, select Options.
Select tr as user interface language and confirm with a click an the button Update Language.
Your user interface should show no every text preceeded by turkish-
This was achieved by:
- in ovidentia3-1/lang you make a copy of lang-en.xml -> lang-tr.xml
- edit the lang-tr.xml file to translate all strings
- first line, change en in tr
- last line, also change en in tr
You now should have a valid ovidentia3-1/lang/lang-tr.xml file
Try it with your Ovidentia installation.

Could you contribute your turkish translation to the Ovidentia community by mailing your lang-tr.xml file to ?

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Nadine Vertongen
Posted: Thu 14 February 2002 14:21
Post subject: RE:new language problem

Did you change the start- and end-tags in the xml files?

translation of the strings

When these are forgotten, the translation will not work.

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