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Frank Schuh
Posted: Wed 27 March 2002 08:33
Post subject: Problem with the wysiwyg editor

I always have the same problem with the wysiwyg editor.
The links to external sides aren't shown correctly (I think, its the same with internal links).
This means, I can't open the links I created with the wysiwyg editor.
I want to show you an example:

I write this word in the editor and mark it:   Frank

Then I click the hyperlink button, named "web" in the symbolbar.

A new window opens and I write the following url in it:

At last, I save my message.

When I try to open the new link, the following pass:

Ovidentia put the $babUrl, I set in the config.php in front of the link. Its looking like this:""

When I change the $babUrl in the config.php from to, I have the same problem with the new url in front of the link.

Here my settings in the config.php:

$babInstallPath = "ovidentia/"; /* relatif path to ovidentia distribution */
$babSkin = "ovidentia"; /* skin to use */
$babStyle = "ovidentia.css"; /* css file to use */
$babSlogan = ""; /* your slogan */
$babSiteName = ""; /* your site name */
$babUrl = ""; /* url to access to your site */
$babAdminEmail = ""; /* email

It is no matter whether I try this in the forum, the sections, Articles or somewhere else, where the wysiwyg-editor can be used.

I can't believe, that I should be the only one, who heave this problem.

Help is urgently required, otherwise I can't use any links in my page.


Frank Schuh

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ovidentia support
Posted: Wed 27 March 2002 11:43
Post subject: RE:Problem with the wysiwyg editor

Wysiwyg editor is not perfect ;-)
We tested link creation and there is no problem if you specify completly the url:

Can you make a test on with a link?

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Harald Wild
Posted: Mon 01 April 2002 17:54
Post subject: RE:Problem with the wysiwyg editor

Hello !

I want just to tell you, that I have no such problems with the wyswyg editor on my site ( under construction. May be, it has to do with some strange configuration settings on your hosting server.

Thanks for your translation

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poizat nicolas
Posted: Tue 09 April 2002 16:40
Post subject: RE:Problem with the wysiwyg editor


 i had the same problem just select php script in the éditor and it will work

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