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Posted: Mon 01 April 2002 17:50
Post subject: Embedded flash movies

Is it possible to embed flashmovies in the articles and what editing option has to be checked for that: html or script ? Thanks for your answer

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ovidentia support
Posted: Tue 02 April 2002 16:26
Post subject: RE:Embedded flash movies

it's  seems difficult for the moment , Our WYSIWYG interface insn't complete  , if you add the code of your flash movies , the editor delete some important information :-( ..
Try to correct in the next version :-)

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Ludo Rousseau
Posted: Tue 02 April 2002 21:20
Post subject: RE:Embedded flash movies

Yes, our WYSIWYG editor could be improved. Or let's go back to the good old times. Want a movie in an Ovidentia article?

First prepare a html snippet containing exactly one table and put anything you need for your flash movie in that table. Use a good solid editor, something like Notepad for example.

Second, use good old mozilla (or any other browser other dan MSIE 5.5 or later) so you are sure that our WYSIWYG emulator is certainly not available with this browser. Than just dump whatever you cooked in Notepad in the body of your Ovidentia article. Submit and wait for approval by the administrator.

Have a look as a registered user at and read "A Flash movie you said...".

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ovidentia support
Posted: Wed 03 April 2002 10:08
Post subject: Use <b>Article Submission by File</b>

You can also use "Article Submission by File".

  1. prepare your article with an external editor (Notepad or dreamweaver or ...) with meta-tags as explained in documentation 
  2. submit your article by the "File" Option (of the submit menu)

Modified Wed 03 April 2002 10:09
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Harald Wild
Posted: Wed 03 April 2002 21:40
Post subject: RE:Use <b>Article Submission by File</b>

Thanks for these good workarounds.


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