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Harald Wild
Posted: Wed 10 April 2002 21:37
Post subject: Display users currently logged in ?

It would be nice to have a section where currently logged in user names are displayed, especially for forum or chat in communication. Do you preview such a feature for future Ovidentia versions ?

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ovidentia support
Posted: Wed 10 April 2002 23:56
Post subject: Yes, for next release !

Yes, for the next release (expected for may) a function who diplays logged users will be available.

NB : This function is an "add-on", a new method to realize extended functions plugged to Ovidentia. A Guide who explains how to develop "add-on" will be available with the new release.

Modified Wed 10 April 2002 23:59
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Harald Wild
Posted: Fri 12 April 2002 18:51
Post subject: RE:Yes, for next release !

Great news. Plug-in technology will probably allow your system to be boosted up to a top level.

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