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Michael Heslop
Posted: Mon 23 April 2007 19:22
Post subject: install problems...

Trying to install 6.0.0 i get :

- Configuration test successful

- Connexion test to mysql server successful

- Database deleted : mike_dfir

- Database created : mike_dfir

- 398 query founded into dump file

- Database initialisation done

- config.php update successful

- Aborted

Failed to write into config file

Anyone know where this config file is? (it doesnt appear to be config.php which i CHMOD'ed to 777 and shows update success.

Any other permissions i need to fix for install? cant seem to find documentation for this -- dont have shell access from where I am at the moment (remote) so dont really want to have to recursivly CHMOD entire site ... takes too long to do manually!

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Nicolas Bidault
Posted: Mon 23 April 2007 19:34
Post subject: RE:install problems...

this file is on the root of ovidentia installation, near the index.php.


Modified Mon 23 April 2007 19:34
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Michael Heslop
Posted: Mon 23 April 2007 19:44
Post subject: RE:install problems...

yeap, i'm a fool! I'd set it to 755 instead of 777 -- install completed! :D Cheers!

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Michael Heslop
Posted: Mon 23 April 2007 21:26
Post subject: RE:install problems...

I'm sure i'm being equally stupid, but how do you edit the default homepage contents?

I've added administrator as the site homepage editor, but cant find an option for it.

Modified Mon 23 April 2007 22:19
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