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Mike Sharma
Posted: Wed 25 April 2007 01:11
Post subject: English Documentation

Is there english documentation avaiable for this?

I've successfully managed to install the software (although am still getting the odd 404 error) but the link in the installation file for the user documentation isn't working for me... it lists:

If it's NOT available, can someone walk me through how I set up the "org charts" feature? I'm assuming that's what I would need if I wanted to use the "vacation approval" system that seems to be built in?

Thanks in advance....

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Richard Beyer
Posted: Tue 08 May 2007 23:41
Post subject: RE:English Documentation

That is exactly what I need documentation for. Just putting in my two cents....

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samuel zebina
Posted: Mon 14 May 2007 18:31
Post subject: RE:English Documentation

You can read that How To Install Ovidentia

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