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johny why
Posted: Tue 29 March 2011 05:25
Post subject: Feature Inquiry

hi, we are a very basic site, and we're looking to upgrade to a more feature-rich platform. we want to add more advanced features to our profile-centric site, such as the features in this software. we want to start with a site that looks and acts like what we've got, and grow from there, adding features one-at-a-time.

can this software easily and painless implement the following simple features?

-a public homepage displaying a grid of the main image from each member,

-one or two additional public pages,

-simple public profile pages with text and image fields,

-a simple image browser on each profile,

-and a private members-only homepage.

-we need to emulate the look of this site:

is this software capable of doing that, easily and painlessly?

again, this simple setup is just our starting point-- we want to add some of the powerful features after achieving our basic setup described above.

here's a more fleshed-out list of what we need. feel free to add your note to this side-by-side comparison:

thanks for your expertise!

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