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Craig Morgan
Posted: Thu 11 April 2002 13:03
Post subject: Changing Admin Password Problem

All is working well save for the fact that when I log in with the default Admin info it will not allow me to update the admin info at all. It won't let me update the password and in fact it displays a box at the top that says "Sorry, You cannot change your password. Please contact administrator." I assume someone out there might have a clue what to do about this. I'd really appreciate a quick bit of guidance!

Much thanks to everyone that has made this Ovidentia such a wonderful and fun product. You're all very much appreciated!

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ovidentia support
Posted: Thu 11 April 2002 21:45
Post subject: RE:Changing Admin Password Problem

You can't modify the administrator's password !
You must create a new user ,validate is account and give him the administrator right, and after that you have to delete  or desactivate the old administrator user  !

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Ludo Rousseau
Posted: Fri 12 April 2002 08:33
Post subject: RE:Changing Admin Password Problem explains how to replace the administrator.

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