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Courtney Oakley
Posted: Thu 11 April 2002 13:51
Post subject: Ovidentia look and feel integration problems


I am using Ovidentia (in extreme anguish) to prototype an Internet Services Portal. I have successfully installed, customised and tested all of Oventia's base functionality. It is very good (Email integration, WebMail, etc.).

I have a number of working internet services that I would like to add to my site.

However, I cannot find a way to add the services so that they appear in the middle Ovidentia window, with the Ovidentia style title, and more importantly other sections still displayed on the left and right.

I know most of your code very well now! I have added some templates to the /skins/template directory, and re-wrote my internet service code so that it is object oriented and USES YOUR CALLS & CLASSES (e.g. babecho(babPrintTemplate(...)); etc.)

I have added the New Service Section through your WYSIWYG Create(html) Editor, by simple adding a menu with HTTP links to each service program.


(1) My problem is that I am getting "permission denied" when my PHP service code tries to access any of the templates (my new ones or the existing ones) using your function calls. What's causing this? and I have set the access to 666 on the template files.

(2) Also, I have encountered severe path problems. What do I set the path to in the config.php to be able to include utilit.php in my service code. If I put my service code anywhere accept the DocumentRoot utilit.php fails to find it's include files.

(3) Do you have a standard templates, documents, or sample code that can help me with this stuff. I'm finding your developers document is not detailed enough.



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ovidentia support
Posted: Thu 11 April 2002 23:30
Post subject: Add-ons

(1)If you have "permission denied", this generally means Ovidentia parser engine cannnot open
template file ( wrong path, ... )

(2) and (3) The next version ( probably before May ) lets developpers provide add-ons
that will be integrated closely with Ovidentia.
Add-ons can add menus to Administration section or User's section and can use many
documented Ovidentia functions.
This next release comes with an Add-on tutorial.

We thank you to believe in Ovidentia product and apologize for occasional harmful effects

Modified Thu 11 April 2002 23:31
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