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Frédéric PLANTÉ
Posted: Thu 20 March 2008 11:15
Post subject: Remote login using GET

Hi everyone,

just a question about ovidentia and login :

Is this possible, from my corporate website, to redirect  users to my ovidentia portal with an autologin ?

The idea is that the users will juste have to click on a link that will redirect them directly on the portal without having to enter nickname/password ?

I did some tests with a url like :

but it doesn't works.

Is only POST login allowed ?




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Nicolas Bidault
Posted: Fri 04 April 2008 17:01
Post subject: RE:Remote login using GET


Get login isn't allowed.


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samuel zebina
Posted: Sun 19 October 2008 19:38
Post subject: RE:Remote login using GET



Now with the new version of Ovidentia, your dream has come true. We have introduce a new authentication mechanism. The name of the mechanism is not definitive, but for now internaly we call it Functionality.

Now you can develop a lot of authentication functionalities: basic auth, cardspace, webservice, ldap. You can install all in your ovidentia and choose the prefered one.

With an url param you can choose the authentication functionality.

The functionality is like a library that provides services, you can develop an addon that offer a lot of services that you can call from another addon.

I have developped an addon that offer ORM functionality and now when I have to develop an addon in most case i dont have to write any sql query, the functionality makes the query for me.

For more information about ORM please follow this link ORM.

The functionality is not documented but soon in our wiki you will see the documentation.


Sorry for my english but I am a frog eater :).




Modified Mon 20 October 2008 10:18
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