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Frank Schuh
Posted: Wed 24 April 2002 09:26
Post subject: "Who is online" addon?

I would like to know at every time who is at my side at the moment. Is there an addon "who is online"?

How can I find out, wich pages were visited by the users, to create a profile for my own use.


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ovidentia support
Posted: Wed 24 April 2002 09:39
Post subject: RE: online

yes , with the version of Ovidentia, you can download the Online add-on .
This add-on let you see users that are online.
We 'll try to include the second part of your thread in the 3.4 version of Ovidentia.

Modified Wed 24 April 2002 09:39
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Frank Schuh
Posted: Wed 24 April 2002 09:52
Post subject: RE: online

This is very interesting. You meen the new 3.3 version?

Is the online addon ready?

Which addons are ready for the new version?

Wich addons will come soon?

When I can get the Featurelist from 3.3 in english (I will translate it and the guides in german)?

Excuse, I have many answers, however, which don't match on my questions.

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